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4 Surprising Reasons Homebuyers’ Real Estate Deals Fall Through Today
09/25/22 Kimberly Dawn Neumann

Owning a home is the American dream, but at the moment it’s more like homebuying cancel culture.

Atlanta Ranked No. 1 Investment Target Among Global Real Estate Investors.

Global real estate investor interest in Atlanta and other secondary U.S. cities is hotter than ever.

The U.S. Is Running Short of Land for Housing
09/25/22 The Wall Street Journal

In the Sunbelt, the hottest commodity isn’t oil, copper or gold. It is land. And rancher Robert Thomas has plenty of it.

Spring and Summer 2023 Will Finally Be a Good Time to Buy a Home
09/26/22 Alcynna Lloyd

Inflation and interest rate hikes have made it even more expensive to buy a home.

Why Your Appliances Keep Breaking In Ways They Never Used To
07/20/22 Angelina Nelson

Large appliances have undergone numerous changes throughout the last few decades.

The U.S. Housing Market Stares Down an Even Bigger Economic Shock—Mortgage Rates Near 7%
09/26/22 Lance Lambert

The bad news for mortgage brokers and builders? This housing correction is far from over.

These Are the 10 U.S. Cities Where Housing Markets Are Cooling the Fastest—and Only One Is in Florida
09/26/22 Celia Fernandez

Homebuyer demand and competition are down in the Washington state city.

The Real State of Real Estate
09/23/22 Amanda Hoover and Ashwin Rodrigues

As any Zillow lurker knows, prices are out of control for those bold enough to consider buying a house.

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